Summer plans

Now it is time to make plans for the summer. This is what it will look like.


10th to the 20th of July = Helsinki International Bible Institute (HIBI) med Philippe Seradji (apologetics), Mikael Toll (theology), Matti Sirviö (missions), Richard Grubbs, Thomas Schaller and John Love (ministry)

13th to the 14th of July = Evangelism in Copenhagen with P. Schaller.

14th to the 16th of July = Conference in Ludvigsborg (50 km northeast of Malmö)

16th of July Missions Banquet in Stockholm (Allianskyrkan in Älta)

17th of July = Evangelism and fellowship in Stockholm with P. Schaller and friends

20th to the 23rd of July = Kiljava Conference (50 km north of Helsinki)