Visiting Cyprus

Pastor Mikael was invited to our new church group in Cyprus.

The text in read is from Joh 19:30, “It is finished” in Greek.

Cyprus ggwo

Last week, I had the tremendous privilege to visit the fabulous Island of Cyprus. The Speedys, who are heading up the new work there, were just the best possible hosts. I enjoyed my time beyond what human words can describe. As we have heard about the Island and prayed for the country of Cyprus for many years now, it was amazing to see the actual work going on there. The work in Cyprus does not lack spiritual potential, for sure.  

         Every country battles demonic strongholds and Cyprus is no exception. Most people would call themselves believers and profess to be Christians. However, the knowledge of the wonderful saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is meager, to say the least. Having said all that, it is my joy to note that biblical Christianity now is available through the Greater Grace Church in Limasol. The good news is indeed available. We just need to pray it will effectively reach people.      

         Cyprus, like any other place in the EU, has a mixed population. On the streets of Limasol, one can bump into just about the whole world, including refugees, tourists, students, guest workers and people who simply have retired in the comfortable climate. Every time we went out on the streets (and the Speedys are there a lot), we encountered so many different people. Without exception, they received a gospel tract and a few words to bring home about eternal life.

        The church reflects the above described plurality and is made up by many different nationalities. I am always amazed how our churches attract the international crowd, not because of the natural things people have in common, but because of the message, life and investment they experience there. What an amazing privilege to be able to teach and preach in this finished work saturated environment.  

         On the last day of my visit, we went up to the northern part of the Island, which is controlled by Turkey since 1974. We discovered that it has a more diverse population than what we thought. Instantly, when we arrived, we met a group of Nigerian students. They were believers, but not happy with the teaching they had access to – they wanted more. It is reasonable to think they are not alone in that situation. Please, pray that P. Larry could get an international church going in North Cyprus.

         Greater Grace in Cyprus needs our prayers for several reasons. Perhaps, the most important need is to connect with the locals and train a generation of Cypriots to carry on the work. Another thing to pray for is the international work in the north, which I already mentioned.  

         Finally, I would like to personally thank the P. Larry & Bev, as well as all the faithful brothers and sisters on the Island, for making my stay so inspiring. Our conversations were always about the Bible, the vision for the lost and what God is doing in us and through us. On top of that, we enjoyed a lot of joking and laughter. May the Lord bless this work in the days to come! Personally, I hope to return some day with my wife and perhaps some people from the church in Stockholm, Sweden. Thanks and God bless!

In Christ, Mikael